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Rapid Mass Traffic without Adsense – A Revolution in Cheap Traffic Generation?

Fellow Internet Marketer,

Let me ask you something...

what if I told you to STOP working day and night writing articles, posting blogs, setting up PPC campaigns, searching high and low for joint venture partners, creating videos ... and all the other back breaking and boring stuff?

Looking rather for the original Rapid Mass Traffic Hompage? Click here

Would you think I'm crazy? I mean, how else is anyone going to find your website online? How else are you going to get traffic?

Well not so long ago, a close friend of mine, Mo Latif did just that. He walked away and dropped everything.

He stopped article marketing, blogging, SEO, link building, press releases, social bookmarking ... all the old 'traditional' marketing techniques everyone is talking about to this day.

He stepped away from these tired and 'old' and expensive traffic generation methods, as he was sick of spending all his time at the keyboard.

I'm sure you would rather travel, relax and enjoy your life ...wouldn't you?

So why did he suddenly drop the ball? Why didn't he carry on doing what everybody else was doing?

He found the truth, it’s mind-blowing to be honest ...
rapid mass traffic review

Who is Mo Latif?

Mo Latif is a highly successful Internet Marketer, specialized in optimizing web traffic techniques. He developed several revolutionary traffic methods, including Google Snatch (1 & 2), Google Snatch Ultimatum and Slumdog eMillionaire which made him an Internet Millionaire.

All of these powerful systems have helped thousands of struggling marketers by providing the blueprint to getting high volume traffic that converts into sales.

In his new recently launched Rapid Mass Traffic system, Mo Latif is releasing an underground traffic method that does not use SEO, Google, Adwords, PPC, Article Marketing, Link Building, Social Bookmarking or Joint Venture partners. Mo claims that since ditching Google and other popular traffic techniques, he discovered a resource that is both free and extremely powerful and he was able to generate over 1 million visitors to his website in just one month!.

A really bold claim!! If not made by the very successful and highly reputed internet marketer like Lo Latif I wouldn’t believe that.

What is the product all about?
His secret is simple: highly targeted Traffic for a low cost

An as an Internet marketer you know that Internet marketing is all about traffic:

Traffic is the core of any online business, you can’t succeed without it!

Mo Latif's 'new' traffic machine is a complete system designed to generate a LOT of traffic to your website without even using Google, Yahoo, Bing, any kind of search-engine optimization or pay-per-click campaigns! Oh yeah even including Google ADWORDS!

Google generates only 20% of the overall traffic on the web, the remaining 80% are part of what we call “network traffic”, and that’s exactly what Mo Latif has been focusing on.

Instead of using the “proven” traffic techniques like SEO, Google, Adwords, PPC, Article Marketing, Link Building, Social Bookmarking or Joint Venture partners, shown to increase traffic bit by bit, he walked away being a “traffic slave” and developed a 3 step system which taps into that remaining 80% of online traffic that no one knows about. “A traffic goldmine you absolutely must see for yourself if you want to survive online...”

Mo Latif: “I didn’t need to worry about the Google slap or even if at any stage ANY search engine changed their algorithms. I wasn’t dependent anymore... I became independent. All I had to worry about then was … shall I make ‘some’ money today? Seriously … as all it took was 3 simple steps.

Step 1 – What am I going to promote

Step 2 – Do the research

Step 3 – Send traffic on demand

That’s it!"

Rapid Mass Traffic gives you in 16 video tutorials, the core manual, blueprints, mindmaps and additional training material step by step instructions on:

1. Choosing Your Niche To Promote

2. Buy a domain (if you don’t have one already)

3. Opening a hosting account (if you don’t have one already)

4. Open and Aweber account to build a subscribers list

5. Build your website

6. Integrating your Aweber account to your website

7. Apply the traffic generation method to your website and send traffic to an affiliate product.

But what is really behind the Rapid Mass Traffic System?

rapid mass traffic review
Well, I received a call yesterday from my friend David who bought this package last week and who really is excited about it. He told me that the basics of Mo Latif's 'new' traffic machine is all about getting traffic through the different PPV (Pay Per View/Pop-Up/Pop-Under) strategies and that the thing he most likes about it is the
pure simplicity of how a campaign can be set up in minutes. When creating a direct linking campaign he can have the research and campaign deployment done within 30-45 minutes. The other great thing about PPV/CPV campaigns are the various targeting methods that you can use. URL targeting, demographic targeting and keyword targeting are the most important types of available targeting options. The difference between Mo's system and other available systems is that Mo discovered a great way to for keyword collection in the marketing campaigns, resulting in a highly targeted traffic for the lowest cost. I knew already about PPV but there are many details explained in his technique I didn’t knew about and which make the difference.

At this place I can’t tell you much more without breaking the copyright rules, but if you are interested in learning more about his system you can visit his Rapid Mass Traffic Homepage or download his free e-Book where he explains the reasons to develop these cheap traffic generation techniques (please don’t expect too much detailed information there, he's playing his cards close to his chest :-)

My Conclusion

If you are already a specialist in PPV marketing, you shouldn’t invest in this information material provided by Mo as you won’t learn too much. Otherwise it’s very well worth the price… and you’ll learn all about this fascinating cheap traffic generation technique in less than a week where others needed years, wasting thousands of dollars in trial and error campaigns. By the way, this was the reason why my friend David decided to invest in this system - and as I already mentioned he LOVES this package already.

If you are really interested in making money online with affiliate marketing but don’t exactly know where to start without losing time and money, I can ensure you that you will love this package too and you will recognize that if you apply the techniques as teached by Mo, this will really be A REVOLUTION for your traffic. The beauty with online marketing is, you don't need a website or product to make money with Rapid Mass Traffic! It's true... with this system it is possible to start an internet business with just one affiliate link and nothing else. All is about getting sufficient traffic.... It actually works - NO scams here!

To visit the offical Website of Rapid Mass Traffic CLICK HERE

HOT:  MO LATIF managed to create a software that does all the job for you - almost automatically! The system is called Auto Mass Traffic. This is the Homepage of Auto Mass Traffic.

This new product of Mo is a best-seller. It comes with a full Money Back Guarantee. You can test this system out and put your claims to the test for a full 60 days, and if for any reason youchange your mind you're covered by your no questions asked guarantee. A prove of the quality of the product is the very low refund rate of only about 0.3%. This means that from over 300 customers only 1 is claiming the money back as he is unsatisfied with the product. The rest keep Auto Mass Traffic and are using it for increasing their traffic.

This is an outstanding product with no shortage of happy buyers. Heartly recommended.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Maverick Money Makers Club – A Review

Browsing the web for terms like “make money online”, “online income” or “make money from home” you’ll find hundred of thousands of web pages offering different programs. Unfortunately, many of these are simply online scams and not worth to invest your time. Internet’s scam artists know people are desperate to find ways for earning an additional income in the actual tough economic situation and they are taking full advantage of this!

The aim of this review is to inform you about Mack Michaels’ Maverick Money Makers program hoping that you will be able to understand scope and limitations of this popular product.

Maverick Money Makers is a secret money making club that was started by Mack Michaels in 1997 and that was designed to assist you in making money working from the comfort of your home.

After trying several internet online money-making systems, I recognized that what I got was a complete waste of time and money. The problem of all of these systems was a poor coaching, inadequate marketing material and lack of intercommunication. Almost all of the systems I tried were based on telecommuting or affiliate marketing, considered as the most prevalent and easiest ways to earn money online.

I was already starting to give up when one day I came across the Maverick Money Makers Club. I searched the web for discussion groups, reviews and experience reports on this product and.what I found was so promising that I decided to give it a try.

Well, instead of explaining all the details at that point, I prefer to show you a video from Mack Michaels where he gives a brief introduction to the Maverick Money Makers System.

Here is the video:
When I started with the program, it was quite a bit of work to study all the material provided by Mack but after setting up his program and following his clear rules, I was able to earn over $250 in the first week and made almost $1500 by the end of my first month. A great help for me was the discussion group of club members who helped me to avoid common mistakes made by newbie internet marketers. And a very important factor for me: as I worked full-time, I was able to do all this work in my spare time and during weekends.

Compared to the trials with other products I used before, this was a tremendous success for me. With my very limited knowledge as Internet Marketer, I was able to generate a steady income in a very short time and without the need to quit my daily job.

Continue reading below to find out more about the Maverick Money Makers Club and learn more about the potential of this great work at home business opportunity that can change your life if you follow the marketing rules provided by Mack Michaels.

Note: This is a review, Click Here to Visit The Maverick Money Makers Website.

Who is Mack Michaels?

In his website, Mack describes his life and how he became an internet marketer. Finding himself broke and without any income, he was forced to come up with a way to provide for his family. From fast food to a Fortune 500 company, he tried everything to secure his family's financial future. But no matter what he did, his bank balance was always close to zero at the end of the month and, his credit card debt kept piling up.

In this time of desperation, Mack began to learn about internet marketing and he started to develop a system that could make him money online. A few months later he was already able to quit his three jobs (!) and soon he became an Internet marketing millionaire! It is this very same system that serves as basis for the Maverick Money Makers system, improved and elaborated with over 10 years marketing experience.

What makes Maverick Money Makers System so unique?

The Maverick Money Makers Club uses more than 60 videos and audios to teach you step-by-step the same techniques that he used to become an online millionaire. The system is focused on results and is organized in such a way that you systematically explore the tools and potential of the internet marketing business when going through the tutorials.

Maverick Money Makers is a great opportunity for making short-term profits. Hence, if you are looking for a way to make fast money this is for sure one of the very few realistic options to do so.

I found the provided material of a high quality but quite easy to understand which made it easy for me to execute the program and to start making money within a few days (even with my limited internet background at that time).

This is a summary of what members get:

1. Core Training –This training is provided by over 60 videos teaching how to build an online marketing business from scratch and how to make sales on the internet.

2. Quick Money Blueprints - specifically designed techniques to allow new members to start seeing some early success. The quick money blueprints are used throughout the implementation process as tools to generate a sustainable income.

3. Skill Set Videos – These videos teach you crucial skills like domain name selection, website creation, competitive intelligence, affiliate marketing, traffic generation, etc.

4. Mindset Coaching - One of the main starting problems for internet marketers is the management of frustrations and difficulties coming up during the start-up process. Mindset coaching helps you to develop the correct mindset to stay focused on your goals and to keep your head in the game.

5. Bonus Items- As member of Maverick Money Makers you will get access to a pile of bonus items, including insider reports, niche marketing ideas, turnkey websites, etc.

What are the Limitations of the System?

In order of being successful with the Maverick Money Making system, you will need to be disciplined, organized and with the will to learn and to work for your success. Even though you’ll see some quick income with this system, creating a sustainable stream of income that allows you to make a living will take some time and effort. This is not one of the typical get-rich-quick schemes!

Is Maverick Money Makers worth the investment?

The answer to this question is an emphatic YES! If you are serious about generating income on the internet, there is no better place to start your education than with Mack Michaels and the Maverick Money Makers Club. As a member you will get access to everything you need to start earning income online today while still building a steady stream of income for the future. Very few products can offer this sort of exclusive information without forcing you to spend thousands of dollars for one-on-one training. If you are willing to put in the effort to follow the steps and implement the Maverick Money Makers system, your investment will pay for itself in no time at all.


The Maverick Money Makers System is probably the most profitable business you can start with less than $200, teaching you step-by-step how to develop a sustainable internet business. As a member you get access to everything you need to start as internet marketer and if you are serious about this business and working with the necessary discipline you will succeed and your investment will pay for itself in a very short time.

See this video from a Member of the Maverick Money Makers System, explaining his experiences:

Sunday, February 14, 2010

The 5 Most Innovative New Online Business Models in 2010

As time goes on, one of the more interesting trends that continues to happen with surprising regularity is how frequently new business models and ways of doing business are emerging through social media and online tools. In many cases, these trends are helping to reinvent how businesses sell and consumers buy all kinds of products. For that reason alone, new sites are worth paying attention to no matter what industry your business happens to be in. The benefit of that for your small business is that watching these new models may also spark a new idea or method of selling that you can consider for your own business:

Woot - This online retailer takes the unique approach of only selling a single product each day. Around each daily product is a dedicated conversation stream, live commentary and a detailed description. By focusing on a single product, not only do they add a layer of conversation and description to the product, but they also give their users the perception that each daily deal is special and only available for a limited time. This focus allows them to add urgency to their site and convert browsers to buyers quickly. While you may not be able to convert your entire business to just selling one product at a time, this model may be the next evolution of the long-standing "deal of the day" model that many businesses have used at one time or another in the past.

Groupon - How much would you lower your standard prices if I could guarantee you 100 customers? Or how about 1,000? The premise behind Groupon is to offer customers "collective buying power" - which essentially means that you can offer a great deal and it will only kick in if a set number of consumers take you up on it. Go on the site and you will see deals sorted by region and many of them have been redeemed by thousands of people. What Groupon shows you is that sometimes you CAN actually count on volume to compensate for lowering your prices. The nicest thing about the site is that instead of trying to recreate this model on your own site, you can add a special offer for your business to Groupon.

Hotwire - By now most people are familiar with the new auction based pricing model that Priceline introduced into the travel industry. Letting consumers set the price for what they are willing to pay was a revolution in the travel industry at the time when Priceline was introduced. Hotwire used the slightly adapted model of offering exact prices, but not letting you know the details of what you booked until after you pay. If you have your own eretail site, this model can be a good way to get rid of excess inventory in a different and more fun way.

Blippy - If you don't live your life in social media, the idea behind Blippy will likely confuse you. It is a social site that lets people automatically share the latest things they have purchased (and how much they paid for them) by linking the site to a single credit card. This level of transparency and sharing may seem crazy to many people, but the site represents a social experiment that points to an interesting opportunity for businesses whose customers may be used to sharing every small detail of their lives. It may be an outlier in this list of business models as they admittedly don’t have a revenue model for the site as yet – but the shift in what people are willing to share online is the real trend worth watching.

Dubli- This site offers some of the most creative pricing models you can find online - and models that have not yet been duplicated across many others sites. The first is what they call a "reverse auction" where products have a starting price and you use credits that you purchase on the site to reveal the current price. Each time a member of the site uses a credit to reveal the price, the price goes lower until someone decides to make the purchase. The second model is based on a "unique price auction" which means you need to have the lowest bid that no one else chooses to have in order to win.

Source: Openforum